Geovanny Ricardo (Toronto)

Geovanny was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada . Coming from Guatemalan and Colombian parents, he was immersed in Latin music and culture from an early age. His immersion in the culture and music brought about a natural ability to express himself through dance . From the age of 5 yrs old he was exposed to, and started exploring street dances such as, hip hop, reggae, funk , salsa, bachata, chacha, merengue and Cumbia.

Geovanny's raw talent, passion and vibrant personality took him into the realm of personal training coach 7yrs ago, as he was deeply interested in helping change people's lives and understanding how the body moved in its most natural form.

3 years ago he made the decision to start learning under the instruction of well known salsa dancer Oscar Naranjo, director or Latin Groove Productions, whom aided in the strong technical foundation that has helped flourish this young dancer's flare and uncanning body movement in salsa. Following in his development in salsa he joined Gusto Dance Company, and travelled internationally performing and learning from some of the best worldwide.

After years of dance training and movement , Geovanny Ricardo and partner Kimberly Ramos made the decision to create and display their unique style and passion . They then founded Araguacu Latin Dance Company in April of 2013.Their dance company specializes in classical bachata where they teach the essence and natural rhythms of bachata as danced in the Dominican Republic. Their goal is to spread their passion and knowledge to people internationally so that they too can grasp a strong understanding of the body movements of bachata as stemming from its motherland.