Kimberly R (Toronto)

Kimberly Co- founded Araguacu Latin Dance Company in early 2013 with her partner Geovanny Lone, and has been directing, performing and competing with her current chapter, the Araguacu Bachata team since its initiation. Prior to launching her own dance company, Kimberly began her formal salsa training 3 years ago with renown Toronto instructor and choreographer, Oscar Naranjo of Latin Groove Productions. Later, she went on to form part of Gusto Dance Company, under the direction of Gustavo Patzan.

Thanks to her Dominican and Colombian descent, Kimberly was exposed to her native music at a very young age. Kimberly's ability to mix her natural dance capability in movement, with her formal dance training, has allowed for her to perform, compete, and instruct at both the local and international level. She hopes to continue doing so with her dance company in tow, travelling the world in order to expand her knowledge in dance and expression, while helping others do the same.