Gabi Pineda (Mexico)

Gabi grew up in Monterrey, Mexico listening to Colombian Vallenato and Regional Mexican Music from the state of Nuevo Leon. He started performing Mexican Folklorico when he was 6 years old. He moved to the USA at the age 10 and learned to dance Country 2 Step and Tejano Music. Later, he learned to dance Salsa and Mambo in 1991 from his neighbor in Houston, Texas who was a director of a Salsa Band.

His first Salsa Social was in 1994. He used to go out social dancing in Houston, Texas in the mid 90's and he got hooked. Aside from numerous legendary dance masters where he learned to dance with,  he very much credit his dance foundation under K'yuco Dance Co. under the tutelage of Salomon Amaya and Rocio Alcorta.
When he moved California in 2001, he became a guest instructor at Fresno State University in 2005. He also began teaching at local dance studios and nightclubs in central California where he performed numerous time.

Gabi Pineda became a well-known social dancer in California, Texas and dance congresses all over USA that promoter started noticing him.

After a couple of years teaching in Fresno and being active at dance communities in the USA, he started getting invited to teach by promoters in the USA and all over Mexico. He is well-known in teaching Salsa Structure and Concepts as well as Bachata.

As every serious dance enthusiasts and a true student of the art, he got deeper and became passionate with bachata that he began studying it's roots and history in 2008.  Later, he started teaching Bachata and it's roots in 2009 at major dance festivals. Gabi has also judged dance competitions in the USA and has often sought by dancers for coaching.

Gabi values the art of teaching dancing that his methodology revolves around 'organic', natural movements for social dancing. His #1 priority in teaching relies on connection, flow and natural movements.