Julie Girard (Canada)

Julie has been trained in different dance styles; jazz, modern, contemporary, and more. She has professional training, which makes of her a great technical dance teacher but also a versatile dancer. 


In 2009, while working in Dominican Republic, she fell in love with bachata. Since then, Julie dances bachata and shares her passion in Montreal and internationally. She is known for her crazy Bachata Shines and Footwork. 


Julie has danced for the Dominican Republic Tourism Office in Montreal, which allowed her to perform in many events and to display the culture of the country. 


Since then, she has started her own business, Fiesta Fitness.  She is teaching many classes each week of Bachata Lady Styling and Dominican Bachata, in Montreal. She also start, to promote a  new weekly social that happen each monday in Montreal, TIPICA. 


Her Bachata classes and her Authentic Dominican Social night are gaining more and more popularity season after season. Julie has created her own special signature, more and more people are following her and are adopting her style.