Orlando Valle (SF)

Orlando is a veteran teacher, dancer and DJ in the Bay Area. A former competitor of salsa dancing, Orlando is the original creator of Bachata con Coco. He has taught workshops at the Reno Bachata Festival and San Francisco Bachata Festival.


He teaches regularly in the Bay Area and promotes bachata and salsa.

DJ El Matatan (NYC)

Brian "El Matatan Del Amargue" is one of the TOP Bachata DJs in NYC, holding residencies for the past 4 years & DJing multiple dance festivals over the years. - performer, instructor of Traditional Bachata - known for his "BachaDura" style; founder of BachaDura Social Club events in NYC - gained experience training & social dancing in both NYC & Dominican Republic

DJ Mendoza (Canada)

DJ Mendoza is one of the most sought after DJ’s in Calgary. From night clubs to salsa congresses and anything in between he amazes his audience with his ability to keep the dance floor packed. Bernard is particularly known for reading the crowd during his sets and directing his music towards his audience, while feeding off their energy. With over 9 years of experience, Bernard strives to make each set unique by combining current Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba music with the quality and nostalgic beats of the past.

In 2003 Bernard’s love for the music first came from the love of dance. Before becoming a DJ, he was a performer for Salsa Mecca and Salsa Rica Dance Company based out of Calgary, Alberta. As with most beginners, he began to throw small Salsa Parties throughout the year for the University of Calgary Student Dance Club, which eventually grew to become one of the top salsa events in Calgary. Soon after he began donating his time to DJ fundraisers throughout the city, like Salsa for a Cure and Drop In and Dance for the homeless, just to name a few. Soon DJ gigs came rolling in after that and he played in most of the major salsa/bachata events all over the city and across the country, such as the Calgary International Salsa Congress, Expo Latino After Party and The Toronto International Bachata Congress.

DJ ChiZam (Chicago)

Carlos Cinta “El Cirujano”, aka DJ ChiZam, is a world renowned Caribbean/Dominican Bachata expert and educator! Carlos has taught at many international festivals and events around the world. His first YouTube video attracted over 8 million hits! Because of his carefree, lighthearted and fun attitude towards dancing, people are ultimately drawn to his Bachata style and his teaching methods. Carlos is known for his unique teaching ability and “Bachata Musicality” Music Courses and has shared his passion of Caribbean Style Bachata to sold-out workshops at festivals all over the world. Carlos Cinta was born in San Francisco. He was raised in Chicago. Although Carlos’ first experiences of Bachata were not particularly pleasing, it was only after attending a club in Chicago and seeing Bachata danced with sensuality, passion and sexy moves that he truly fell in love with it. In 2010 Carlos collaborated with Joan Soriano, the world-renowned bachata artist and guitarist from the Dominican Republic, to create the first-ever Bachata musicality and timing CD. Visit www.bachatawithcarlos.com

DJ Orlan (LA)

DJ Orlan is one of the first Kizomba/ZOUK dj in Los Angeles. Among various festivals worldwide, he has performed in several big events such as USA Bachata Kizomba Festival in New Jersey, LA

Zouk Congress - Kizomba at Sea, and the Kizomba rooms in several festivals such as Las Vegas Salsa Congress, Los Angeles Spring and Summer Bachata Festival, Grand Canyon, the

first Grizzly Dance Festival and performed at festivals in Europe; Portugal Symposium, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. He's also an avid dancer who knows many dance genres and have been introducing Kizomba music and teaching Kizomba dance basics.

He started the LA KiZ Nights at The Granada LA and outdoor 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. He was also the first dj in the OC area who helped launch the OC Kizomba craze. He's

addicted to the beat so he likes to play hard beat Kizomba, Tarraxa, Zouk, and Semba music.

DJ Kenny (LA)

Recently voted as the best DJ for 2012, DJ Kenny has been in the dance scene for quite a while. He had done everything; competed, performed and taught dancing. These days he is the Main DJ of several popular club venues in Los Angeles, Steven's Steakhouse, GRANADA,HACIENDA, just to name a few.

DJ Kenny is responsible for bringing Bachata artists to Los Angeles; Kiko Rodriguez, Cojunto Afro Son, just to name a few.

DJ EL Guapo - San Francisco

DJ El Guapo (aka Jeison Aguilar) is a salsa DJ from San Francisco who has been involved in the Latin dance scene for over 20 years. He has DJed at major events such as the San Francisco International Bachata Festival, Hawaii Bachata Festival, Flirt Seattle, SF Kizomba Festival, Reno Bachata Festival, and the San Francisco Salsa Congress. He also DJs regularly at events all over the Bay Area.