DJ Javi (San Diego)

Javier (Javi) Avitia, Kizomba instructor, DJ, founder of Kizomba San Diego (KSD), and new owner of A Time to Dance studios is first and foremost a lover and enthusiast of the dance, music, and culture that is Kizomba. Javi discovered Kizomba in 2012, and since then has fully immersed himself in it – traveling throughout Europe to learn from the greats. He has an authentic style, a profound respect for the dance and culture, and he has worked tirelessly to bring quality Kizomba to San Diego.

Laurent & Adeline (France)

Laurent and Adeline, a.k.a L&A kizomba, are an international couple of kizomba teachers. They begun their kizomba journey by winning the national kizomba championship of France in 2013 called 'The France Kizomba Tour'. After being the French champions, they started to make many videos on youtube. They are going everywhere around the world to show and teach people their vision and love for kizomba. During their classes you will find several things to give attention to: Musicality, Technic, Expression and Feeling.

Nathalia Carbajal (Portland)

Nathalia Carbajal was born in São Paulo, Brazil and grew up following the footsteps of her family’s passion for dance. Since her early childhood she has shown interest in dance, attending Ballet and Jazz lessons from the age of 4. As a teenager she had partner dance training, when she learned different styles of Brazilian ballroom dance, such as Samba de Gafieira, Forró and Sertanejo. In 2008 she discovered Zouk, and it was love at first sight. Since then she has been practicing Zouk and its different styles. Living in Portland since 2014, she decided to dedicate her life to dance, starting a Zouk community in the city. and her biggest goal is to grow the Zouk scene in Portland and spread her love for this beautiful dance style.

Clo Ferreira (Venezuela)

Claudia (Clö) Palestini was born in Isla Margarita, Venezuela and, since the age of 4, was raised in New Jersey, USA. She began training with her brother Henri Velandia (Ry) at the age of 9. Her styling, technique, and stage presence captured the respect of the salsa community at a very early age. In 2010 she found her new and current love, Brazilian Zouk when watching a performance at the International New York Salsa Congress. Thereafter, Henri and her both trained and mastered the beautiful art and have been certified as Zouk Instructors. Together, Henri and Claudia won competitions, taught many workshops, and have performed at numerous congresses in Miami, New Jersey, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Seattle, Hawaii, New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. Her classes are focused on the natural flow, rhythm, and style of Brazilian Zouk accompanied by the fundamentals of salsa technique and styling. Claudia is proof that you can master the dance at any age.

Tirso Chauca & Chanel (Peru)

Tirso started to dance Lambazouk in 2008. He performed with the LA Zouk team in California and helped organize the first Zouk congress in the United States in 2012. In 2011 “T” decided to learn more about Brazilian zouk and learn Riozouk in Brazil. Since then “T” has been dancing and teaching in different countries (Brazil, Argentina, Israel and Russia), and has learned from well-known teachers including the great Braz Dos Santos, Gilson Damasco, Bebe, Marcelo Bal.

“T” was born in Peru and learned how to dance salsa and bachata. He also studied ballet for 5 years before moving to the U.S. While residing in Miami and later Los Angeles he learned how to dance samba, forró, pagode, axe and Brazilian Funk. Throughout the 13 years he also learned and taught Capoeira/Tai Chi/Kung Fu. His ballet and martial art experience gives him a unique way to teach and express the elements and concepts of dance.

Chanel May is a dancer and choreographer based in Los Angeles, California. She began her training at the age of eight, taking classes and performing throughout her childhood. Chanel developed a strong passion for the art of dance, devoting much of her attention to the study of Modern Dance and Ballet. Training continued at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, studying music, choreographic composition, and technique. In 2011, Chanel auditioned and secured a position at California State University, Long Beach Department of Dance. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Dance, Option in Dance Science. Chanel has studied a variety of Modern Dance techniques including Horton, Graham, Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, and Release Technique. In addition to Modern and Ballet, Chanel enjoys Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and Zouk and is currently training with Tirso Chauca.

Miguel Monteiro and Susana Amado (Portugal)

They were born in Lisboa; Miguel Monteiro on the 19th of April 1979 and Susana Amado on the 3rd of June 1993

Miguel was Born in a poor neighbourhood in Lisboa called Quinta da Montanha, Portugal. He started dancing Afro-Brazilian Dances and Capoeira at the age of 16. Kizomba came into his life in an early age because of all the Angolan cultural influences that was around him in his youth.

He learned to dance with his Angolan friends but he has as a reference to Mestre Petchu, because of all he represents, not only as a dancer but also as someone who cares about how the Angolan culture is passed on.

In 2008 Miguel met Susana Amado in a dance school called BSM Academia when Miguel wanted to learn Salsa and after 3 years of dancing together they started teaching Kizomba and Semba. Susana Amado is a dancer since she was 10, dancing Portuguese Type of Dances.

Today, they teach workshops and give shows all over Europe, and it's their goal to give people their own prespective of Kizomba and Semba.


Eddy Vents (United Kingdom)

Eddy Vents is a master Kizomba and Semba instructor who lives in London (since 2009), and is also the founder of Pitanga Dance Company. He's originally from West Africa (Guinea Bissau) and grew up in Portugal. He is known all over the world for teaching the history, music and fundamentals of the dance.