Zandro (Canada)

Zandro Zoncini is a dancer and dance instructor from Florianopolis, Brazil. He has studied and trained in dance for over 10 years, with experience in many partner dance styles. He has intensively studied the concepts of body movement driven by his training in tango and, in 2010, Sandro moved to Argentina to continue to develop his dance skills and education at DNI tango school.

He's participated in various congresses and competitions, including BAILA FLORIPA DUO, where in 2012 he and his partner placed 3rd. In the same year he was invited to dance and teach at KIRINUS dance school team, where he started focusing extensively on zouk, developing performance skills, and his own teaching methodology for zouk that focuses on the contrast of flow and sharpness influenced by hip hop movement.

Sandro has taught zouk throughout Canada, United States, and Brazil. He currently lives and teaches in Vancouver, Canada with a focus on promoting zouk in the Pacific Northwest. His goal is to help augment and strengthen the global zouk community.