Charles & Sylvia

Charles got his first taste of dance at the age of 8 in elementary through a program called "Believe In Me". In elementary and middle school he also played the flute, piano, and alto saxophone which gave him a keen sense of rhythm and musicality. He first learned the basic steps for salsa in his first of year of college. Charles soon found himself taking weekly classes and going out social dancing religiously. He quickly gained a strong foot in the basics and began adding his own energetic, style and flavor. From here, Charles expanded his dancing to bachata, punta, samba, cha cha, salsa on2, a bit of cuban salsa, and now Kizomba. Charles loves how Kizomba uniquely embodies connection between the ground, your partner, and the music.
Charles is well known, throughout the US and internationally, for his detailed instruction and super smooth, and creatively musical style on the dance floor. He is the most influential pioneer of urban kizomba in North America.
Charles style of dancing and teaching is so unique he decided to start his own kizomba platform, named Neo Kizomba™, respect for the past, passion for the future.
In addition to dancing and teaching, Charles is also the host of the 1st ever dance podcast dedicated to dancers worldwide. He has interviewed dancers and icons such as Kaysha, Johnny Ramos, Sophie Fox, Albir Rojas, Laurent Yishu, Sara Panero, and more! He is the organizer of the largest Urban Kizomba focused festival in North America, the Neo Kizomba Festival that takes place every year in July in Austin, TX!
Sylvia Garcia Vilar, started dancing when she 13 years old at K-Danse in Switzerland. She, then, joined the Titans school when she was 14 and started learning, what became her passion, hip-hop dance.